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Be Yourself.

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Taken Off

** the quality or state of being original.
**ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner; creative ability.
**freshness or novelty, as of an idea, method,    or performance.

Be yourself. Don’t be somebody you wish you were , The thing about us is that everybody is different and everybody is unique in our own individual way.

“Where is your Originality?
You are so fake so picture me like a gallery.
Capture What i say. All i need is one mic. All i need is one take.” –
Lil Wayne .



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One’s word. What significance does it have? People often say “actions speak louder than words”. Really? I question the fidelity of the statement. Actions do speak. One action can say a thousand words! The way someone may look at another can speak more vividly than words. Things that people do to you can mean more than words strive to convey. Some of our words mean more than that of others’. But what significance can one’s word have? Some of our words evolve with the world around us. Some people say one thing when they mean another. These words are, indeed, trifling. Trifling meaning something of little or no significance. Look it up! Their word means nothing! How can those words of theirs mean anything, if they constantly change meaning? They can’t! They don’t! People die for their word. Suffer for their word! Some of us stick to our word even if it kills us! It’s absurd how their words become obsolete. They just seem to fade away. One should suffer for their word! One should never go back against their word. Their word should remain durable; lasting through the most treachorous of storms. One should go to the grave for their word! One’s word is the foundation of their character. Whether or not they stand by it reveal their true motives and even their demeanor. One who doesn’t stand by their word are inferior! Irrelevant! Worthless! Someone who would stand by their word even if it kills them are true! Their words are glorious! Their words are mighty! Their words are astounding! They have Words of Divine.

The Unknown

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Everyday we learn something new. If not, there might be a problem. But most of us do. Every single day we discover something that we had no prior knowledge to. Everyday. That’s alot of new info to comprehend! But it’s not everyday that we see something new. We learn of new things about the world around us, or about people that we may know. But we rarely see something new. We see the same ceiling when we wake up in the morning. We see the same door when we leave our homes. We hear the same ringtone when someone calls. We see the same buildings everyday. We hardly see something completely new. I think it’s safe to say that this type of lifestyle makes us naive in a way. We become so accustomed to the world around us that we refuse to believe anything that we don’t already know. Now, I don’t mean that we should believe everything we hear! I’d rather be naive than gullible! But why do we blissfully deny anything not to be proven? It’s like we take pride in our own ignorance. Ideas such as the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Because we haven’t personally witnessed any, we don’t believe them. We think that we are almighty and all-knowing, but we’re not. Even though technology (to the best of our knowledge) is limited and we can only explore the depths of space but so far, we deny the numerous sightings and encounters by many individuals over many years. We ignore how many ancient people told similar stories with similar hieroglyphics and images about “Aliens” although these ancient people never encountered one another. Big Foot. Now, neither myself nor my brother, authors of this blog, would want to offend anyone’s religion. But for those who believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, who’s to say that all primates evolved accordingly. Is it possible that we just don’t see everything on our planet? For those who don’t believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, maybe we shouldn’t be so blind. It is a small world, but it’s not that small! You can’t look out the window and see it all! What about the Lochness monster? The alleged creature was first seen in 1933 and many times afterwards in Scotland’s Loch Ness. Many people would say “It’s not possible for a creature to live that long!” B.S.!  Hydrozoans, similar and related to jellyfish and corals, have the capability of going from adult stage, to the immature stage, and back. In theory, since these organisms have never been watched over a long period of time, they can live forever. What about the Antarctic Sponge? One specimen has been estimated to have lived for approximately 1,550 years! Our intentions aren’t to write long-winded blogs that bore you, but just to share with you are views on things. We don’t neccessarily believe in Aliens, or Big Foot, or Monsters! But we do have open minds to new ideas and beliefs. We want to share this with you. So before you’re quite to make assumptions, just know that there are many things that we have yet to see and will never see. But that doesnt mean that they don’t exist! Here are some creatures you may have never seen before. But they’re real! Look it up!

Angler Fish

Chimaera Fish


Aye Aye


El Abogado

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The english translation for the spanish word “Abogado” is “lawyer”. What is a lawyer? One who represents someone in the court of law. Their job is to defend the innocent and ensure that we are properly represented and defended. They give reasoning to why someone is innocent or if guilty, and why they are not completely at fault for any wrong doing. Many of us have probably considered the study of the law as a profession. Television shows like CSI highlight the glamour of the profession and emphasise the significant role in such an important position in society.

I, personally, considered the profession as a lawyer. To be an advocate for the innocent and protect them as well. But I decided to change my mind. I realized that lawyers are, for the most part, evil! Don’t disregard that previous statement, for I was clear with my word usage. I said evil! I sadly realized that a lawyer is not always on the right side. I’m sure that most lawyers would prefer to defend a perfectly innocent client, but in many instances this is not the case. Half of the time, the clients who they are protecting are guilty. Some are clearly guilty. Many are murderers and rapists! Murderers of elderly women and rapists of young, innocent children. Elderly women such as our grandmothers, and children like our younger brothers. Could you imagine? Imagine being the one to defend someone who hurt someone else. Imagine knowing that deep down in your heart, the client in which you are defending is indeed guilty of the crime that they are accused of! Imagine a 5-year old child, traumatized for life. Because a disgusting bastard decided to take out his sexual frustration on her/him. That child could be your son or daughter. It could be your younger sister or brother. The very child that you have protected all your life. The child you taught to ride a bike, or encouraged to focus in school. The child that you would throw yourself in front of a bus to protect. Their lives destroyed due to the lust of an old pervert who needed an orgasm so desperatly that he took the innocence of a child to fulfill. Imagine being a lawyer. Defending perverts! Justifying the murder of an innocent woman! Ignoring the bloody crimes commited and the suffering of others for money! I stand by my words when I say “Lawyers are evil!” In a way, they sell their souls to the devil; for money! They willingly vow for rapists, murderers, and thiefs! They do it for money! They ignore the suffering of the child who will never look at the world the same after their bodies were abused! They deny the pain of families after an elderly woman was stabbed to death for a lousy hundred dollars! They disregard the lament of the Godly individuals who prayed for the recovery of their brother who was shot in a club because he accidently stepped on someone’s sneaker! They defend the good, but defend the evil equally and with no remorse! They value their salaries more than they value themselves, the overall welfare of society, and God Almighty himself. Would you pick money over justice?

Definition of “Truth”

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Warning: Reading this may cause one of two things- You will look at things differently or think that the authors of this blog are mentally disturbed.

I’ve always wondered what made something true. The sky being blue. Grass being green. Bush being the devil. What is the relationship between truth and opinion? The dictionary definition of truth is “a verified or disputable fact.” ( An opinion is “a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.” I think everyone knows what an opinion is and has a similar perception of what it means. But I want to talk about what makes something the truth. We all understand that it is a verified fact, as stated in the definition above. But what about the part of the definition that says that it can be a disputable fact. Disputable? If something is verified and proven, how can it have the potential to be disputable? It’s supposed to have been proven! I have a theory that I want to share with the rest of the world.

Theory: If everyone has the same opinion about something, it is a fact. For instance, we all agree that grass is green. So the statement “grass is green” is a fact. But due to human nature, one’s opinion might change over time. Maybe even the opinions of everyone. Therefore, if a fact is a common opinion, and opinions change, a fact can never be permanent; a fact changes over time.

I think of it this way. We all say that the sky is blue. This is indeed a fact. But what is blue? Blue, in my opinion, is just a word like every other word. Words are just verbal expressions used to communicate a message. The word blue is just a verbal expression that when said, creates a common message. The message being a visual image that we all have. Blue is the same to you as it is to me. No matter what shade or hue, it is the same. But what if i said the sky is silver? This would be an opinion, right. But what if everyone that I knew called what is known as blue, silver? This doesn’t mean that the sky is silver. What if everyone who spoke the English language began calling everything that was blue, silver. What if they all started saying that the sky was silver? Everyone. Would this make the sky “silver”? Would it make the ocean silver? I believe it would. The fact that everyone having the same opinion makes something the truth, would mean that all things formally known as blue, would now be known as “silver”.

So I want to leave on this note. I believe that our definition of the word truth is a false one. We believe that it is something permanent, when indeed it is something that can change with one’s opinion. The idea that the sky is blue and will always be blue is a close-minded way of looking at the world. The only permanent truth is that Bush is, indeed, the devil!

Funny ? Or Ignorant For Thinking Its Funny ?

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Many People think that watching Video’s or T.V shows such as this are Regailing. Dont get me wrong its only part of being human , We (Dre & Don) Thought it was Hilarous the first couple times we saw it also. So, I hope you don’t feel in a Contrite mood already . Let me explain you of what the whole “Bum Fight krew” group does to these so called “Bums”in case you don’t understand . The Definition of the word “Bum” Means Somebody of miserable quality,or somebody who is worthless. “Bum Fight Krew” or “BFK” takes advantage of the homeless , and gives them a Bit of change in exchange for their destructiveness and stupid-wrong doing.And as we all know money is essential in life. Money for the homeless doesn’t just come around like it does for you and me .Because even with your family to help you, money will always be a determination deciding how you live your life. So, you most likely don’t know how bad some people desire a couple dollars. But, anyhow I wanted to apprise you ,that if you were in Rufus’s position you would probably do the same . So , stop taking things for granted people! And be glad you have what you have! Even if you are single parented . Shot-outs to my Homie Rosco for showing me this Video a while back.

Egocentric beings…

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Ever wonder why people always talk about themselves and only themselves? All of the problems that we face in the world.. all of the war, starvation, HIV/AIDS, black on black/latino on latino crime, corruption in the government, crooked cops, George W. Bush! All this shit that we, as citizens of planet Earth should think about. Things that we should try to help, stop, and fight in order for us (human beings) as a whole to prosper. All the problems and shit happening in the world, yet there’s that one individual that talks about themselves. We have a theory that we would like to share with the rest of you. Listen closely… “Egocentric beings own such vain character that it is reflected by their bragging and boasting.” In a nutshell, selfish people talk about themselves. But why? Why do they ignore the rest of the world, and neglect all of the problems that we are faced with daily in society. Why do they spend time valuable time talking about themselves and all that they have accomplished and all that they are.. or think they are.. when they could dedicate such precious time helping everyone else around them. They are selfish. This is why. Because they are selfish. We, Don and Dre, have recently had to rid ourselves of a few selfish people. If you know someone who is selfish, you should let them go, too. Because while your slowly submerging in a sea of quicksand, or being attacked by a swarm of killer bees, or being targeted by the notorious LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), that selfish person will be too busy thinking about themselves before they realize that the people around them are suffering… and then its too late.