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Be Yourself.

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Taken Off

** the quality or state of being original.
**ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner; creative ability.
**freshness or novelty, as of an idea, method,    or performance.

Be yourself. Don’t be somebody you wish you were , The thing about us is that everybody is different and everybody is unique in our own individual way.

“Where is your Originality?
You are so fake so picture me like a gallery.
Capture What i say. All i need is one mic. All i need is one take.” –
Lil Wayne .


Ode to Summer

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Summer is a time of change. A break in our lives. A vacation. An escape from our hard, stressful lives. An escape from school, work & life. A peaceful time period in our lives when we enjoy ourselves and the company of others. A taste of the crisp ocean breeze. A time to sit back and relax. Wrong. Summer is no longer summer. Summer is a time when you forget. You forget just how serious the world around you is. You forget about reality. You seem to fade so far into the idea of summer, that you become oblivious to your surroundings. Many things change in your life and your surroundings. But , War still goes on in the summer. The ones you care about so dearly can still disappear in the summer. Bush is still president in the summer. You hear the word “Summer” and you get so amped about the joys that summer has to bring, that you forget about the pain and suffering that still follows. Because , Summer is not like winter or spring. Because in the winter your almost always home due to cold weather . But In the summer your almost never at home , Your always meeting new people and going out to do things with your friends and family. But univetably something is bound to happen . Well of course ! Its too good to be true . All of that excitement allows your mind to forget of all the negativity that can occur in any time period. But, when you realize that life still goes on, and everything is still the same , is when it hits the hardest! Like a tractor trailor coming straight for you from behind. And you never even see it. Summer. Oh summer, I wish we all knew that life still went on although your presence is obvious. Summer or not, everything is still the same. It just hurts more. Summer is one of the most life changing seasons. Full of suprises that you don’t see because you think there is no pain associated with summer. Summer experiences reveal one’s true colors. People seem to change with the temperature during the summer. The harder the sky beams, the more people become full of themselves. Summer. Oh summer, I wish you could last forever! We wouldn’t learn valuable life lessons without you summer. You’ve taught us to love. We gain experience because of you, summer. And experience only teaches us wisdom. Summer lets us know and realize what’s worth living for. We grow independent over summer’s tests. We have come to realize that everything we were ever looking for was right in front of us. To share a summer’s journey with another is even more amazing. To experience all of summers life lessons with another is a blessing. To have a shoulder to lean on. A helping hand. Another to experience all that summer teaches with someone else, shows you how true someone can be. That there is still good on this Earth. Summer made us who we have become. Here we come world. Thanks Summer. You’ve made us all wiser. Here we come.


“Here I Come” by Dennis Brown

Sex = Protection = Everybody is happy =)

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For all of you women leaving for college , I Just wanted to let you know how fast it happens . Most women say that it just happens too fast to realize what happened . Well , there are many ways to aviod having a baby during your college years =) . Although Abstinence your best bet . If you are going to have sex , Keep in mind that there are New technologies that essentially contain the power to stop pregnancy ! Yes I know , It is a miracle . ( Not saying that babies are bad or anything , No offense to anybody =) , Actually my best friend is pregnant And I love her =) ,  Just wanna alert you women to always use protection ,And stay on your senses , Even when you are intoxicated or such.)

BONUS: This is 9 months of gestation in 20 seconds ! Its one of the most amazing video’s I have ever seen . Enjoy ! (Please excuse the song!) Lol

Leaving Off To College ?

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College nowadays , is almost a certain necessity  in life . And, speaking for half of new freshmen or “freshwoman” (haha !) its all seems great . The whole experience is overall astounding. Although I cannot rightfully speak on their behalf but instead im speaking off of what I have been told and my perspective about the whole college experience.  From the Parties , to Dorm life , To not having your parents nagging you all of the time . I can see college right now (pictured in my head). Parties , Mature Women , No Parents !?,And you get to choose the day you go to school !! You cannot ask for anything more ! Well, of course your responsibility will enhance to not only be caring for yourself , but college could also be the place that alot of people find the “Right One” . Easier said , you never know who you could end up meeting on your college experience. People from around the world will be going to your University ! I know it sounds crazy doesn’t it ? But the truth is , U will be responsible for all of your actions. To add on you will be on your own financial budget. So , I hope to all of you that u find a well profitable Job ! Negatives will include, A low-Budget , and Missing your family, and many of which are unexplainable . So , Me and Don. look up to people who choose to participate in college , and try to better their live’s. I would like to give a shot-out to everybody that I know that are planning to partake in college & who will be taking on the challenge of the college lifestyle , and let you know that , U WILL BE EMINENTLY MISSED !!!

Athleticism Should Be Greatly Appreciated !

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As a 4 year old Boy . I could still remember those loud and infamous family parties/Gathering’s to watch a Soccer Game .  They were almost like a recreation , But for family members. Did your families or friends ever have those ? Or has my family been this crazy since forever ? Well , I have come to a conclusion that I miss my family . Little by little, year by year, my family has literally been slowly deteriorating . Due to disagreements , or simple overindulgences . I dont want to get into too much detail. But now , I have come to notice how much those effortless cookouts/parties really matter . Its almost like they kept me out of trouble , for me they stopped when I was at an age of about 11 , thats when it all started . The isolationism , between the whole big family , everybody their own own little things to do (Weddings,Parties,Other Cook-outs,work) . So , it made it difficult for our family to gather up and just relax and bond with each other .

That was when I started really getting into football . Hardcore , staying up all nighters just to watch a regular season football game . Those Eye-blistering nights , I remember I would be on the phone with my cousin Eric , talking about “Did you see that interception !!!!” or “What a Horrible call !”. But of course the most important part was , ” I guess u owe me $20 for that game” or “When is the next game ? Wanna bet on it?” . Sports have brought my family closer together and I realize that sports serve a duty, and keep alot of people in the world out of trouble. I mean just imagine ! How would the world be today without sports ?!? EXACTLY ! The world would most likely be 1) A drug infested group of people or 2) America ! (Obesity ! couch potatoes!) Just Kidding! So, I have been  up watching my Olympic games , and I am optimistic about Micheal Phelps being a fish ? Does anybody agree ? He is a Unbelievably Fast swimmer and has a total of 12 gold medal’s! He has had the U.S basketball team cheer him on , and he said ” I think its cool they came out and supported me” && “I heard them starting a chant” && ” They took pictures with my mom” how cool is that !!?? No, seriously ,close your eyes and Put yourself in his feet for a minute………….. NOW HOW COOL IS THAT ?

EDIT: HE IS FROM BALTIMORE MARYLAND ! And he also graduated from Towson!!Woot Woot !!!

&& I also would like to prove that even though he is the best swimmer in the world (officially speaking) drinking and driving has been a problem for him ! (No means to hate or anything) But , that still does not in any way ,shape ,or form, make it correct to drink and drive , it can cost lives & huge amounts of sorrow ='(

Here is the story straight of wikipedia ! “In November 2004, at the age of 19, Phelps was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Salisbury, Maryland. He pleaded guilty to Driving while impaired the following month and was granted probation before judgment and ordered to serve 18 months probation, fined $250, obligated to speak to high school students about drinking and driving and had to attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) meeting.”Sounds like drinking and driving has great consequences huh ? I would like to add that In his youth he was diagnosed with ADHD, So all of you out there with that , U CAN OVERCOME IT ! The top 10 athlete of the world has it, so that tells you something huh ? IT CAN BE OVERCOME ! Don’t give up because it cant be that serious !

Inspired by the Jamaican Bobsled team

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Yesterday, I was talking to my brother Don. About all the great Inspirative people in our lifetime , and all of the Inspirative people in the past who later were seen as heroe’s . About how “Cool Runnings” one of my favorite movies of all time was a true story . For people who are not familiar with this movie , Its about an individual who in the movie was named Derive Bannock , who was disqualified during his 100-yard sprint to qualify for the Jamaican olympic team , because the runner beside him had tripped . lost his balance , and had collided to the runner next to him ,who happened to be Derive Bannock . That is where John Candy falls into the movie , Although in the movie the disgraced John Candy ( At the time ) was named Irving Blitzer . Derive Bannock was determined to be In the XV olympic games . And because his of his ebulliently driven passion , he managed to overcome the doubtful people and all of the controversy in his path. I could literally go for hours in explaining this movie but incase you haven’t watched it , I would hate to spoil the guacamole, so just watch the darn movie . There are many movies where if Someone tells you the end its ruined and its pointless . But, in this one it think its a motive thats greater than just the end . Its a heroic Story !(And a Great comedy movie) Having said that , In the end, they become winners without winning the game.

So, out of every inspirer there must be an inspired person or group of people . Or it would’nt be an inspirer would it ? well anyways I found an outcome of the Jamaican bobsled movie “Cool runnings” and apparently, the popular Jamaica Pushcart Derby will return this year at the St Ann Jamaica Bauxite Partners company grounds on August 17th 2008 .The Jamaica Push Cart Derby 2008 is also being supported in full by the private sector and government organizations and the event is intended to be a local spectacle and tourist attraction. Im sure there will be more than thousands present, without including the news and papparazi and what not. In the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, the Jamaican team stunned many of their critics by finishing in 14th place, ahead of the United States, Russia, France and Italy. The Jamaican Bobsled team now have their sights on qualifying for and having a bobsled team for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Jamaican Bobsled Team in the mid 1990’s training at the National Stadium