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Jan.4th = Purple Jersey Day

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Tomrw as you may know is a big day to all football fans . There are 2 games but first up at 1:00 PM (ET), is the Ravens @ the Dolphins stadium.

I have my best bet on the ravens but idk maybe thats just me ? But hey , Its playoff season and you never really know how things are gonna end up . Heres something I found on Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.  Its really not even half of what they bring home to  Bmore.


Dolphin fans = No love today , Better luck next time ?

After that game going the eagles travel to Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to faceoff the vikings 4:30 PM (ET).

Statistically , The eagles beat Minnesota in Avg. Points , Yards ,  and Passing yards. But the vikings have more rushing yards. Who knows who will win that game . I personally want the vikings to win, But theres only one way to find out.

Purple all day !


Arab Drifting Vs. Japanese Drifting

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Arab Drifting is a technique that occurs when you manuver the vehicle from side to side , The trick is to control your car at high speeds while doing doughnuts on the road . Watch and Learn , But don’t try this at all . (At Home )

Tokyo Drifting as you may know it ,The movie “Need For Speed; Tokyo Drift” was based on Japanese Drifting.Here is a clip . Watch and Learn , But don’t try this at all . (At Home )

Im not favoring anybody or anything of that sort . But just to top things off



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Every 4 years comes a new election. Whether its a candidate with earlier family experiences , or whether its a candidate with little or no experience. On November 4th 2008 , Our country has to elect that one person for the next four years .  You have to remember that as little as people say the president has power , there are numerous amounts of hidden secrets. Secrets that are classified. Not a secret between you and your friends, where you tell your friend and your friend goes and tells somebody else and the secret spreads . The type of secret, that if any other person that is unauthorized to being in on the secret, Would cost a high price. The price of your life. A bit ironic, because me and some boys were kickin it friday night (technically saturday morning but…). A random dude rolls down his window and asks us “Do you guys know where the chicken wings are?” My first response was “…….” I was speechless. It was at an early, and someone is asking us where the chicken wings are ? Wow ! since we were at an awkward red-light , He kept talking to us between our cars . The thing that caught my attention was when he said “Who is going to win the election?” in less that a milli-second , We all responded “OBAMA !”. And he enthusiasticly said “Yes!”. Then the light turns green and we go about our different paths. Then I was telling people my thoughts about OBAMA “I really think he is going to win… But he will get at the latest before his first term.(His first four years)”. Then we were talking about how his life had already been threatened At a convention. Its true, Barrack Obama’s life has been in danger im sure.Many times, Of course . The media is all filled with Bullshit and Lies. We dont get any good facts . I mean seriously, unless somebody in the government confesses,then we aren’t sure about anything. Our economy is at the lowest state its ever been . And thanks to all of the Bush voters , Bush has borrowed more money from congress than every president put together. Although all of this devistating “Blood For Oil War” has been going on in the middle east, it is not to late! Change can happen! Change will Happen ! Obama & Biden, “The leaders who will Bring the change our country needs”. Vote Obama !!!!!!

Bonus. This five year old is partially right. If not totally. Enjoy.

The Dollar Menu

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Mcdonalds has always played a big role in my life. From the boring backround music , to the People yelling “There is no sweet tea!” towards the cash register . I miss those hot summer days, when me and my friends had the munchies all the time . I remember we used to walk in Mcdonalds® after a hot summer day & The air conditioning from the Mcdonalds® would cool our whole bodies off . I can clearly remembering paying $1.05 for a sweet tea , And filling it up with Sprite (Fav. Soda) . Well , the reason I choose to write about Mcdonalds® , is because If you havent heard there are going to be changes in the prices . The dollar menu will be changed !!! Yes , I know its hard to believe ! I myself am outraged . But , as the prices of oil and gas raise , the price of almost everything else is also forced to drag up . So, the price of Beef has raised , And apparently Mcdonalds® isn’t making enough profits from the “Dollar Menu” . Want to read more about it ? Then Click HERE .


BONUS : Its Called the “Mcdonalds Rap”.

School , Our Senior Year …

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New gear , Alot of new shit to hear about , The One song that has been repeatedly playing all day in my head is this …. =( , Im very upset , HIghly Upset , Not because we get to see all of our friends again =) , But because we have schoollllllllllllllllllll =(

Wake me Up when September Ends Because we don’t want to go to school =(

EDIT : Were predicting heavy possibilities of a Short Vacation In The Very Near Future . More info. Coming To a person Near You !

Drinkers !?

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In recent news there’s all types of commotion about lowering on the drinking age , So I began to think. Would Being able to drink at the age of 18 make a huge impact on society ? Or are we already treating the legal drinking age as if it was 18 ? I believe that the Drinking issue has two Divergent points of view . From what I have seen and witnessed 18 year olds might not be able to handle it. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe the law should be passed . Most 21 year olds can’t handle it being the legal age. And we Im sure that at least 80% of people 18 years of age can Somehow Befall their way through Alcohol. Its Everywhere ! I can personally have Drinks in my possesion in under 30 minutes . But , because I know that it can Ruin my lifestyle , and even cost my life , I dont abuse it. Because , I know that I am better than that . I can admit I drink, But I can also control myself . Not to long ago, I witnessed a  guy smack another girl in her face. It was awful. I felt Grisly , As if I had maneuvered my hand across her cheek. Which in that situation the guy was lucky that the girl understood, and did not “Beat his ass”.  So, from there I came up with the opinion that maybe 18 year old Young Adults may not be able to handle it . I mean seriously . You might say that you can treat yourself with respect. But, Everybody wouldn’t admit that you couldn’t ! Thats Preposterous ! It takes a power deep inside of yourself to admit that you can’t keep your emotions as if you were Sober. The power that allows you to Sedatingly admit that you cannot drink, and control your actions. So , for all of you lightweight drinkers , Please try your hardest to keep your emotions for yourself. If it is Inevitable to StrangeHold your negative Comportment , THEN QUIT ! DRINKING IS NOT FOR YOU ! You DO NOT want to hurt any of your friends . Because thats when it gets evil (Mwwahhahhaa !)


If your friends actions similar , Then they need to quit drinking