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Every 4 years comes a new election. Whether its a candidate with earlier family experiences , or whether its a candidate with little or no experience. On November 4th 2008 , Our country has to elect that one person for the next four years .  You have to remember that as little as people say the president has power , there are numerous amounts of hidden secrets. Secrets that are classified. Not a secret between you and your friends, where you tell your friend and your friend goes and tells somebody else and the secret spreads . The type of secret, that if any other person that is unauthorized to being in on the secret, Would cost a high price. The price of your life. A bit ironic, because me and some boys were kickin it friday night (technically saturday morning but…). A random dude rolls down his window and asks us “Do you guys know where the chicken wings are?” My first response was “…….” I was speechless. It was at an early 5.am, and someone is asking us where the chicken wings are ? Wow ! since we were at an awkward red-light , He kept talking to us between our cars . The thing that caught my attention was when he said “Who is going to win the election?” in less that a milli-second , We all responded “OBAMA !”. And he enthusiasticly said “Yes!”. Then the light turns green and we go about our different paths. Then I was telling people my thoughts about OBAMA “I really think he is going to win… But he will get at the latest before his first term.(His first four years)”. Then we were talking about how his life had already been threatened At a convention. Its true, Barrack Obama’s life has been in danger im sure.Many times, Of course . The media is all filled with Bullshit and Lies. We dont get any good facts . I mean seriously, unless somebody in the government confesses,then we aren’t sure about anything. Our economy is at the lowest state its ever been . And thanks to all of the Bush voters , Bush has borrowed more money from congress than every president put together. Although all of this devistating “Blood For Oil War” has been going on in the middle east, it is not to late! Change can happen! Change will Happen ! Obama & Biden, “The leaders who will Bring the change our country needs”. Vote Obama !!!!!!

Bonus. This five year old is partially right. If not totally. Enjoy.



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So , Today in class I was zoning out more then usual becuase of the “boring-level” (Intensly boring). So , disturbingly ,somebody who was looking a “hot-mess” walked in the class substantially late . So , I equivocally thought to myself . Is it possible to actually take somebody’s swag from them ? Swag is a cosmopolitan word for personality+style. It is cosmopolitan becuase its being used and abused in many places around the world . Its spreading like the flu ! As I thought deeper , I came to a definite conclusion that swag cannot be taken off or “sweated” off anybody . EVER ! because swag is not something that is unattainable. Its also something that you are born with . Its a combination of how you like to dress . And how you react when something happens, And how you walk, talk & stand all together, etc. (So much more)  . Swag is something everybody has . Swag is something that you create to fit your personality . And , Swag is something that nobody can ever steal from you . If you are somebody who thinks that you have no “Swagger” . Think again, Have a quick reflection and peek in the mirror . You might have more “Swag” than you expected .

BONUS- “Swagga Like Us” Remix . The visuals went with the song from a descriptive angle . And, Im sure you will love it more than the overplayed radio version.

EDIT- After a full week of abusing it . Josue finally found a way to wreck my txt message sig. (Stop Bitchen&&Relax). Cough**Hoe**Cough


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I was wathing some Russeel Peters, & I came to this video . Funny . Enjoy !


People should try new things!

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Everyone always says “People should try new things.” This is probably one of the most cliche statements every said. Recently, in English class, we were assigned to write college essays. One paper asked the question, “Should people really try new things?” I thought about it… An array of questions began to run through my mind associated wtih the topic. Should people try new spouses? Should people try drinking and driving? Should people try eating other people? Should people try drinking their own urine? Should people stop eating fast food? Should people stop lying? Should people stop telling the truth? I’m not sure about some of those questions, but I do know that people should choose their words carefully! It’s ridiculous to say that people should try new things! New things such as what? Positive things! Do NOT try bad things! Don’t try to worship Satan. Don’t try new, questionable drugs. Don’t try killing someone! New things are fun sometimes, and it’s normal to be curious. Just explore curiousity in a healthy manner. So be careful what new things you try. And be careful who you tell to try new things! Don’t always tell you curious younger brother to try new things! He might end up eating donkey feces, while living in a house made of wedding cake, worship Satan, and become a Bush fan. It’s highly unlikely, but what if he actually became a Bush fan? Choose your words carefully; it might be too late.

Assisted Suicide

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Should people be allowed to kill themselves? I don’t mean just because they want to, but should terminally ill patients (those with a progressive, incurable illness), or anyone else for that matter, be allowed to choose to die? The freedoms of liberty, property, speech and many others are protected under the U.S. Constitution; supposedly. Based upon the U.S. Constitution, people can make decisions about themselves and their lives and surroundings; usually if they don’t hurt others in the process. Essentially, we are all guaranteed certain freedoms. Freedoms such as life.

Assisted suicide is when someone is provided with the means (drugs or equipment) to commit suicide. The controversial topic is usually aroused when discussing someone who is clearly on their way to death; possibly a very painful one. Should victims of AIDS or cancer or other plagues and illnesses suffer the wrath of their worsening condition? Should they be allowed to kill themselves painlessly before their progressive state plunges them into a bath of agony?

Many places allow assisted suicide with certain laws in place. A retired Norwegian physician, Christian Sandsdalen, had his medical license revoked after he admitted giving a morphine overdose to a woman suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis), a condition where the immune system attacks the central nervous system, damaging the spinal cord and brain; physical abilities and cognitive abilities (the way the brain processes information) begin to fade away. He was not put in jail, but had his license revoked. In Finland, there have been many cases where someone’s friend or family member assists in their suicide. They simply inform law enforcement officials and nothing more is done. Germany has no penalty for assisted suicide. Neither does France, nor Denmark, nor Scotland. In many places there are just simply no laws dealing with the issue. No law of the land. Law of the Bible or any other religious text, however, may play a large role in such acts.

The Bible states that one must repent (ask for forgiveness) for the sins that they commit. But if you commit suicide, you’re already dead, so you can’t ask for forgiveness. For those who believe in the Bible, it is said that those who commit suicide go to hell. But what about the people who assisted in the suicide? They can repent. Can’t they? Can they repent for playing the role of God himself?

Whether you believe the Christian faith or not, the U.S. law was formed around it. When you go to church, you must swear upon the Holy Bible that your testimony is valid. So it is sensible to speak about whether or not it is proper to “play God” when discussing such a controversial issue in America. Should anyone be allowed to play the role of God? Is helping someone end their suffering playing God? Is it just out of sheer love?

Would you assist in the suicide of your mother? What if she begged and pleaded you to “..help set her free..”? Could you aid her in suicide then? What about a mother to her children? Ask Carol Carr, age 61.


Carol Carr and sons

Carr, an American woman from Georgia, assisted in the suicide of her two sons, Michael, age 42, and Andy, age 41. The two brothers both fell ill to Huntington’s Diease.

A normal human brain

A normal human brain


This is an inherited genetic neurological disorder. The brain’s huntingtin gene normally provides information to produce the huntingtin protein. When affected, the gene produces a mutant protein resulting in an increase rate of neuronal cell death. This leads to the lack of neurological functions. Physically, victims will display uncontrollable, random jerking movements. Cognitively, victims will begin to lose the ability of planning and memory loss, both short term and long term appear over time. Psychiatrically, the victim will become anxious, depressed, egocentric, aggressive, and may develop many other unfortunate characteristics. With serious progression, patients mentally become different people, and become physically disabled. She shot her two terminally ill sons in June of 2002 and was sentenced to five years in prison.


A brain affected by Huntington's disease

A brain affected by Huntington

Should assisted suicide be allowed? If so, who should be allowed to assist? Can murderers be let off of possible punishment by saying that they assisted in suicide of another? Is it ethical? Is it moral? Is it playing with fire, or playing the role of God? Should assisted suicide be allowed with strict government regulation? Could the government successfully regulate assisted suicide? Is it the governments decision? Is it your decision; my decision; God’s decision? Who decides? For more information visit assistedsuicide.org


Ode to Summer

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Summer is a time of change. A break in our lives. A vacation. An escape from our hard, stressful lives. An escape from school, work & life. A peaceful time period in our lives when we enjoy ourselves and the company of others. A taste of the crisp ocean breeze. A time to sit back and relax. Wrong. Summer is no longer summer. Summer is a time when you forget. You forget just how serious the world around you is. You forget about reality. You seem to fade so far into the idea of summer, that you become oblivious to your surroundings. Many things change in your life and your surroundings. But , War still goes on in the summer. The ones you care about so dearly can still disappear in the summer. Bush is still president in the summer. You hear the word “Summer” and you get so amped about the joys that summer has to bring, that you forget about the pain and suffering that still follows. Because , Summer is not like winter or spring. Because in the winter your almost always home due to cold weather . But In the summer your almost never at home , Your always meeting new people and going out to do things with your friends and family. But univetably something is bound to happen . Well of course ! Its too good to be true . All of that excitement allows your mind to forget of all the negativity that can occur in any time period. But, when you realize that life still goes on, and everything is still the same , is when it hits the hardest! Like a tractor trailor coming straight for you from behind. And you never even see it. Summer. Oh summer, I wish we all knew that life still went on although your presence is obvious. Summer or not, everything is still the same. It just hurts more. Summer is one of the most life changing seasons. Full of suprises that you don’t see because you think there is no pain associated with summer. Summer experiences reveal one’s true colors. People seem to change with the temperature during the summer. The harder the sky beams, the more people become full of themselves. Summer. Oh summer, I wish you could last forever! We wouldn’t learn valuable life lessons without you summer. You’ve taught us to love. We gain experience because of you, summer. And experience only teaches us wisdom. Summer lets us know and realize what’s worth living for. We grow independent over summer’s tests. We have come to realize that everything we were ever looking for was right in front of us. To share a summer’s journey with another is even more amazing. To experience all of summers life lessons with another is a blessing. To have a shoulder to lean on. A helping hand. Another to experience all that summer teaches with someone else, shows you how true someone can be. That there is still good on this Earth. Summer made us who we have become. Here we come world. Thanks Summer. You’ve made us all wiser. Here we come.


“Here I Come” by Dennis Brown

The Ghost Rider !!

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BEWARE !!! This is not about the movie “Ghost rider” this was written on behalf of the real Ghost Rider . Somebody who is not well known . Somebody who they say is “Dead” Which I will not believe until their is a funeral with an open casket . ENJOY !

 We both have always aspired and admired bike riders . When I say “bikes” I mean Motorcycles. Motorcycles have always been fascinating to us , Not only because of the sleek look , But because of the adrenaline and high speed . As you may know , Motorcycles can get so fast , that some cops couldn’t stop you . So, im sure they sometimes don’t even bother to try . The best part , Is the insurance for it . Its Inexpensive , especially the gas, on average with stock engines on yamaha’s you can average 40-55mpg.  And for those of you who don’t know , You can have a car or in this case, Motorcycle insurance without a license . We all know what that means . Motorcycles are not only about looks . It gives you the opportunity to live life to its “fullest” . Whether its “Stuntin” for the gals , Or just “reving” the engine around the neighborhood .